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Warli paintings are believed to be one of the oldest form of art in history. It is a form of tribal art which owes its origin to the state of Maharashtra in India. This art is very popular among the tribal community

Although not much is known about the origin of this art, however researchers believe that it dates back to the 10th century and has been in practice since then. Although, the geographical boundaries have been restricted however the tribal community has preserved this art as a heritage till date.

Warli paintings mostly focuses on nature and the elements related to nature. As these paintings are mostly drawn by the tribal community, who have lot of belief and respect for mother Earth, Nature and wildlife, therefore these paintings usually depict the same.

These paintings are mostly a combination of geometric shapes which include squares, circles and triangles. These three shapes hold special relevance in Warli paintings. Circles and triangles mostly represent the elements of nature. For example, triangles are used to depict hills, mountains, trees and even human shapes. On the other hand, circles are used to depict sun and the moon.

This is a handmade real painting depicts way of celebration and tribal connection with nature.

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