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What's better than waking up to warm porridge loaded with fruits and nuts served in a Eco friendly coconut bowl. Hmm... may be a protein packed smoothie served in a sustainable coconut bowl, or may be ice cream scooped and served with sprinkles of choice in our unique coconut bowl! Well, take your pick, choice is yours!

Our Eco-friendly coconut bowl is hand-crafted from natural discarded coconut shells. These are 100% chemical-free as they are polished with coconut oil only. These perfect bowls can be used to serve salads, ice-creams, smoothies, soup, porridge etc.

Being from nature's lap these coconut bowls has its own uniqueness in shape, size and looks. Made from real coconut, no single bowl is identical to other. Each has its unique size and shape. 

These bowls have an incredible impact – not only do they save millions of coconut shells from being thrown into landfill each year, but they’re also 100% natural, free of BPA, toxins, synthetics, and plastics, safe for everyone and the environment. This is in total agreement with the Sustainable lifestyle. 

Our bowls are made from the discarded shells left behind after being used to produce coconut milk, oil, and other coconut related products.

A typical bowl holds between 300-350 ml

Listing is for one dessert bowl and one dessert spoon. (Set options available)

We use biodegradable packaging.

Care Instructions: 

** Hand-wash with warm soapy water. 

** Dry them properly before the next serving. 

** Do not put them in a microwave or refrigerator or oven. Do not put them in the dishwasher.

** Apply coconut oil or any food oil to keep its shine intact. 

** Do not serve piping hot food

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