Ornamental Large Viking Horn(12"- 15") with Stand,Game of thrones,wedding gifts

Packaging: Standalone
Sale price£45


Unique feature 

> Decorative Brass Border and body with Viking craft.

> iron stand

> High grade horns

The horn is hand crafted by highly skilled artesians who have spent days to make each one of them.

* This is not a drinking horn and can be used for decorative/ display purposes *

With the sole purpose of rendering you with a rich experience, we have drinking/ornamental and decorative horns for the history fans, alcohol lovers, and role play. We also offer a range of drinking horns with stand options for ease of use by care-free, modern souls. A drinking horn with stand can ensure the safety of your drinking horn and enhance its life. (Please check our listings for drinking horns)

* This is not a drinking horn

* Color and shape may vary

* We are UK based company, all our products are shipped from the UK.

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