Personalized Engraved Large Viking Drinking Horn with Wooden stand

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With Hand-carved custom patterns, these drinking horns are a great addition to your collection! It is fully natural, polished and Ethically Sourced.

Wooden stand to hold the horn securely (can be personalized to make it more special)

** 1 horn per listing with one wooden stand**

Drinking horns are unique drinking vessels designed to give every drinker a distinctive drinking experience. Drinking horns originated many decades ago. If you are enticed to historical aspects or love watching period movies, then chances are that you’ve heard of drinking horns being used by the well-known Vikings. Drinking your beverage from a drinking horn takes you back in time and allows you to live your favourite characters like Ragnar Lothbrok.

With the sole purpose of rendering you with a rich experience, we have drinking horns for the history fans, alcohol lovers, and roleplay. We also offer a range of drinking horn with stand options for ease of use by care-free, modern souls. A drinking horn with stand can ensure the safety of your drinking horn and enhance its life.



Use your horn mug often

- Wash every time before use

- Hand-wash only

- Use Towel gently right after wash

- Clean your horn items in lukewarm running water without soap or solvents. Dry off the items directly

- Keep your horn bowl separate from sharp utensils

* Color and shape may vary

** We Support most Microsoft fonts for personalization.

* We are UK based company, all our products are shipped from the UK.

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