Vegvisir /Helm of Awe Axe Pendant

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This pendant is carved in the shape of a Viking axe upon which many powerful symbols are intricately etched by our skilled artisans in golden colour. These symbols are: The Helm of Awe, Valknut, The Trinity Knot and the Sailor’s knot. Each symbol has a distinct meaning attached to it.

The Helm of Awe/ Vegvisir is the highest symbol of protection for the warriors and induces fear in the minds of the enemies.

The Valknut symbol signifies the three interlinked triangles which are said to represent the connection between Heaven, Hell and Earth.

The Sailor's knot (two entwining knots) represents of friendship, affection, harmony and love.

The Trinity Knot or Triquetra (three interlocking arcs) represents the eternal spiritual life which has no beginning or end.

The pendant is made up of high-quality stainless steel which makes it sturdy. While the antique finish gives it a vintage look, the golden patterns accentuate the charm of all the symbols. A pendant with such meaning and spiritual value is definitely going to get you all the attention!

Maintenance and caring for your jewellery:

  • Never leave items soaking in water.
  • Do not wear items in the shower/bath or in gym (body sweat can tarnish the jewellery).
  • Avoid bending them. If arm rings, bangles or rings need to be adjusted this should only be done once with the initial wear.
  • Avoid chemicals, strong detergents, abrasive cleaning materials or scrubbers.
  • Do not sleep with or wear your items 24/7. Zinc plated and zinc alloy items are Fashion jewellery, ONLY intended for occasional use. Silver and stainless-steel Jewellery can be used frequently.
  • Do not leave metal items in the microwave, tumble dryer or use hair dryer to dry leather items.
  • You may clean the jewellery with a soft microfiber cloth. Store in a dry airtight box.
  • Regular use of jewellery will lead to wear signs over time use which is normal. i.e. loss of shine and scratches may appear over time.


Style: Classic

Shape\pattern: Axe\symbols

Pendants Type: Circle

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